Positivity – A Key to Everything: Louise Hay Add some positive affirmations to your daily routine and see it for yourself that our mind is everything and what we think we become…

Positivity – A Key to Everything: Louise Hay

Who is Louise Hay?

A couple of months ago I´ve discovered this positive lady and her book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Louise Lynn Hay is an American motivational author, who went herself through a rough childhood, cancer and many other problems and doubts, we, people face in our daily lives. Basically, her books are based on the idea that loving and forgiving yourself is the key to everything. Moreover, Hay believes that every thought we have is creating our future, and if we really want to change our future we need to change the way we think first. We all tend to underestimate our thoughts until they become a reality. And, in most cases, we are not the victims of circumstances, but rather the products of our choices and beliefs.

How we change our thoughts?

So, Louise Hay in her books gives a lot of examples of positive affirmations everyone can use to change his/her mindset. When I´ve started reading her book, I was very critical, as always. Cause, how simply saying “I´m healthy” or “I´m happy” will actually make me healthier or happier. All this seemed absurd. However, the wave of positivity coming from her books and audio recordings made me give them a try.

I took, as a rule, to spend 5-10 min every day meditating and looking for positive thoughts only. My discovery was that repeating some ideas and statements on a regular basis made me believe in them. And this is what really helps you turn your dreams into reality – believing.

If you simply try to analyze your daily thoughts, you´ll quickly realize we all spend way too much time thinking of what we don´t what. Fears and negative thoughts are a waste of time and take us nowhere. Therefore, every time I would spot a negative thought, I´d try to turn it into a positive one. Honestly, a hard thing to do sometimes. However, what I´ve started noticing is that my life has become more positive in general – more positive experiences and positive people.

And I´m still not sure whether it´s “laws of attraction” or simply my changed “vision of the world”. But, seriously, who cares when you feel happier?!  I also believe if you lean to be grateful for what you have – you will keep on having more things to be grateful for. It is actually hard to explain how a simple attitude may change a world around us. But it simply does.

 With love,