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My life so far.

Happy Friday, dear readers! I know I rarely take time to talk about personal things and my actual life behind all the travel stories. And we really should chat more, don’t you think so?! Well, the true reason behind my silence is simple: most of the time I can´t find either time or inspiration, and the moment I finally do – it´s already been so long that the story is not relevant any longer…eh…that´s so non-professional for a blogger, I know!

This week I´ve been on the road exploring the sunny Spanish region of Almeria for my Blog Series: Undiscovered Spain. And now, my weekend plans include pizza, PJs and Game of Thrones. Ok, if it wouldn´t be for the two little babies of mine [apparently allergic to sleep] – I would be lying in bed [hibernating my way through the weekend]…

I´m probably the only person in this world who comes back home from travels and need another “vacation from the previous vacation”…

Amandella Script

Amandella Script

Traveling with two little babies, seriously?!

In my post about our first weekend getaway with two little babies to Huesca, Spain  I´ve already mentioned that having two kids only 16 months apart makes me feel like I have 20 babies instead of just two. I used to think that a little age difference is the best way for siblings to grow through life together and now I often wonder how our moms and grandmoms managed to have 4, 5, 6 kids before!! Like, seriously, how?!!!

One way or another, traveling with two little babies (20 months and 4 months) is my reality now. The dynamic of traveling is different, but what´s an alternative here – to stay at home all the time?!

So, at times I feel like I´m a mom of 20 kids: Two strollers, two cribs, different toys and clothes sets, diaper bags… I mean, every time we do a simple weekend getaway now, our neighbors might be thinking we are moving out forever!

Olivia – my favorite reason to lose sleep…

Amandella Script

Nevertheless, I feel like this year I finally have a clear vision for my blog. I know, it sounds strange – but having less time made me appreciate things more and actually, I do manage my schedule more effectively now… Lately, I´ve been working on my blog more than I used to before I had kids.

Additionally, I keep traveling a lot [mostly by car though]. So, this year you can expect lots of new stories from Spain. And who´s ever getting tired of siestas, fiestas, and sangrias? Besides, according to my blog statistics that´s what people love reading the most on my blog. And how could I blame them – just look at this picture…

Sunset in Benicassim, Spain

Amandella Script

The only thing I´m lately having my second thoughts about is social media. Which social media channel do you like or use the most?!

Back when I started blogging my absolute favorite was Instagram and now I just can´t organize myself to post there regularly. And it´s not just due to the fact that IG´s new algorithm is frustrating. I feel like it´s designed to make people literally live in the app so that you´d see more of their paid ads. The more I interact, add stories and use all of Instagram´s features, the more people see my posts in return. When I sleep, go to yoga, cook or do smth else my engagement drops drastically [like my IG is synchronized and goes to bed or prepares dinner with me].

Besides, editing photos and planning feed is a full-time job itself: in fact, most of the people I know with impressive photo galleries are completely focused on Instagram and have no time to work on other social media properly.

Lately, I keep asking myself whether I should go back to IG or not? Is investing so much time in a beautifully curated feed really worth an effort any longer?! So many people I know have left the app! – Is it just a stage, a reaction to the “already not so new” algorithm or it´s already a tendency and Instagram´s future is similar to Myspace and many others.

And I know there are still so many creative visuals who do such a great job on Instagram with their feed. No matter how frustrating the new algorithm is or how competitive the IG environment gets – there´s always a place for unique stories. Nevertheless, when I lately go through my following I notice many of them just don´t post regularly any longer or left their account at all. Did you notice the same with your IG friends or it´s my contacts only?!

Moreover, as if it would not be enough – Instagram was always the last social media for my blog traffic. I notice that people there mostly are not interested to “read more”, unlike Twitter or Pinterest followers [both are much more effective in my case].

What about you?! 

Amandella Script