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Cadiz is the city that has surprised me the most during my recent Andalusia road trip. While I’ve already been to the South of Spain at least 3 times, this hidden gem was never even on my radar! In case you´re wondering what to see in Cadiz check these top places I´ve managed to discover during my brief visit. Only two days in Cadiz exploring its impressive history and I could state with all certainty that it is one of the most underrated cities in Spain…

While it is true that with neighbors like Alhambra of Granada, Alcazar of Seville and the Bridge of Ronda most people simply don´t have time to consider visiting lesser-known Andalusia´s towns, it is also true that you often end up enjoying less touristy places the most. Well, Cadiz is the case! Both historic and charming, it is definitely worth a visit.

What to see in Cadiz, Spain

The Spanish feel of Cadiz

Unlike many other cities in Andalusia that start turning quite international in these recent years – Cadiz still feels very “Spanish”. Here, aside from the ocean, you could get some unique insights into our history: in between tiny cobbled streets of Cadiz, you could find traces of different epochs and civilizations – from Phoenicians, Romans, and Moorish, to Christopher Columbus (who sailed from Cadiz on his second and fourth journeys to America) and the inaction of Spanish Liberal Constitution in 1812.

What to see in Cadiz? – Let me tell you, it´s a cornucopia of history.

Cadiz is definitely one of the most underrated Spanish cities I’ve ever been to. I’ve already said it was never on my travel bucket list and in fact, we decided to visit the city cause it was simply on the way from Andalusia to Algarve. No expectations at all. My initial plan was just to have 2 lazy days somewhere by the ocean before we head any further…  But guess what?! I ended up rushing around to see all of these amazing sites just in two short days and it was absolutely worth it.

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The ancient port city of Cadiz is the perfect blend of historical and coastal and should be a must-stop on your Southern Spain road trip.

What to see in Cadiz

1. Gadir Archeological Site

Gadir Archeological Site in Cadiz

Phoenician settlement Gadir is one of Europe’s oldest inhabited cities. I bet you had no idea about this – neither did I. This 3000-year-old site contains some archaeological remains of Phoenician village (and even some skeletons) with glass-bottomed floors to see the exhibits.

The entrance is free, but the visiting hours are limited: check them here. The site is quite small, but a visit starts with an interesting audio-visual presentation depicting the main historical highlights and is followed by a tour over the excavated ruins. Afterward, you could wander around using interactive screens to gain more information: the guide was also there to answer any questions.

2. The Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre in Cadiz

I feel like the Roman Empire is lately catching up with me no matter where I go. Spain has so many impressive Roman Ruins to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Even my latest Millenary Olive trees hike and who brought the trees to Spain? – The Romans. A city escape to Tarragona and I find another impressive Roman Theatre and Circus. A beach getaway in Cyprus and I discover Roman Mosaics in Kato Paphos. I certainly don´t mind. Actually, it´s impressive how long it´s been since Roman times and how many of these unique historic sites could still be found across the globe.

3. Parque Genoves

Parque Genoves in Cadiz

Parque Genoves is beautiful place to relax in one of the local cafes. Fountains, birds, exotic trees and flowers… This place belongs on your “what to see in Cadiz” list.

4. Paseo Canalejas

Paseo Canalejas in Cadiz

A nice walk on the edge of the old city. I could even say – a romantic promenade with ocean views, a refreshing breeze, and colorful sunsets…

5. The Castles ( Santa Catalina and San Sebastian Castles)

Santa Catalina Castle in Cadiz
San Sebastian Castle in Cadiz

Aside from their historic significance and free expositions both Santa Catalina and San Sebastian Castles provide some great views of the city.

6. The Tavira Tower/ Camara Obscura

views from The Tavira Tower in Cadiz

The Tavira Tower is famous for its unique tourist attraction – the “Camera Obscura” (it projects a moving, live image of what is happening at that very moment outside the tower and is based on a simple optical principle, already known in the times of Leonardo da Vinci). However, in my case, The Tavira Tower was just a stop for the views – once I got to the site I found out that all the visits to the “Camera Obscura” were booked for the whole day. If visiting Cadiz – plan your visit to The Tavira Tower in advance and book your entrance.

7. Plaza de las Flores and City Center

Plaza de las Flores in Cadiz
patio in Cadiz, Spain

Cobbled streets, local bars, and shops, tasty tapas … I even got lost a couple of times, but thanks to the age of technologies and Google Maps the issue was quickly solved.

8. Cadiz Cathedral

Cadiz Cathedral in Spain

A Roman Catholic church built between 1722 and 1838. Like the Tavira Tower, it also offers some great panoramic views of the city.

9. La Caleta Beach

Cadiz is famous for some of the most amazing beaches and sunsets. Make sure not to miss La Caleta Beach.

 La Caleta Beach in Cadiz

10. Gran Teatro Falla

Built-in 1884, this theater is an impressive example of the Neo-Mudéjar style, which I discovered for myself in Teruel years ago (Read more…)

Gran Teatro Falla, Cadiz, Spain

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