My last week in Orlando has proved one thing: you´re never too old to visit great amusement parks. As Walt Disney once said: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever”.

Visiting both Disney´s Magic Kingdom and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was my childhood dream for quite a while. Therefore, I´m so happy that this year, together with my sister, we finally made it come true…

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever!”

– Walt Disney

Disney´s Magic Kingdom

Every child´s dream is to visit the Disney´s Magic Kingdom. But don´t you think there is a child inside each one of us, grown-ups?

As a kid, I thought that after reaching my 20´s the cartoons would never make sense again. Little I knew back then. Only now I realize that some of them I´d still enjoy watching with my grandkids … like for the hundredth time or so… [lol]

Therefore, visiting Disney´s Magic Kingdom with my younger sister (both Disney obsessed all childhood) was a big deal. We didn’t get a chance to visit any of Disney´s amusement parks as little kids. Nevertheless, we´ve probably had even more fun being there all grown-ups. And these fireworks and light show … such a magical experience: recommended for all ages.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Way too many revealings for one simple post about my week in Orlando. But since the very first moment I took into my hands the Harry Potter book – I´ve been a loyal fan of Joanne Rowling´s saga. When I was of a school age, my mom used to hide these books from me, so I would do my homework. Nevertheless, when she was leaving home – I´d turn it all upside down, find the book, read as much as I could possibly manage, store it back to the “hidden spot” and then do my homework. (This is how you learn about the effective time management) Mom, if you´re reading this, I´m sorry but I was also finding and checking out the Santa´s presents every year before Christmas – just never said a word about it…

Well, going back to Harry Potter – the whole experience was like a real-life fairytale. I loved the “butterbeer” and the rides. It was the next day after visiting Disney´s Magic Kingdom, so of course, I´ve already bought some Mickey Mouse t-shirts and was planning on wearing them for the rest of the trip. So one lady, while checking the tickets for the Hogwarts Express at Universal, politely asked whether I was lost, while pointing at my Disney-inspired T-shirt. Of course, like a typical European person I didn’t get the joke first… [lol] Although, it should be obvious that with my Disney outfit I´d be a black sheep in between all the Harry Potter fans. Nevertheless, this is something I really like about the States: people have no problems with making compliments or jokes to strangers [lol].

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Tips for the Orlando Theme parks

  • if traveling without a car, choose a hotel with a shuttle service ( all Disney Theme Parks are connected, so once you get to one of them – you can move around easily)
  • start your visit to The Magic Kingdom with a free FastPass+, you can select 3 attractions without a queue: but do it as early as you can, the places are limited / if buying your tickets via internet – do your FastPass+ selection immediately, cause some rides have a very long wait time – like for ex. “Dwarfs Mine Train”: visit them first
  • for the Magic Kingdom Restaurants book in advance
  • when in Universal Studios, go immediately to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and do both “The Escape from Gringots” and “The Forbidden Journey at Hogwarts Castle” rides (after taking Hogwarts express to the Island of Adventure). These two rides are the coolest, but have incredible waiting lines: if you do them first thing in the morning – you will save hours
  • paying extra for the FastPass at Universal makes no sense to me, cause it doesn’t work for the Harry Potter World and this is where you have problems with queues. The rest of the rides were ok and the lines go fast, of course, slower on weekends, but anyway fast enough

What about you? Have you ever been to any of the Orlando theme parks? Are you a Harry Potter or a Disney fan?

With love,


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