Traveling is one of my biggest passions in life, alongside Yoga, Art, and Books. The excitement of seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and living new adventures is like nothing else…


Why travel?

Traveling is the most eye-opening and transformative thing ever. I feel like every trip I make changes who I am and every place I visit stays in my heart forever. And it is not always about going somewhere far away. I believe every new place or experience enriches us. As someone said, “adventure might hurt you, but routine will kill you”… Read more: 7 TRAVEL QUOTES

Endless Travel Bucket List

Over the years I´ve noticed that writing down your dreams somehow helps you to find an actual way to fulfill them. So, every year I add new places to my ever-increasing ‘want to see’ list. And you know what?! – I´ve already managed to visit 90% of places from my first travel bucket list ever. But as I add new places every year – there´s always much more to discover…

The tricky part with traveling is that the more you see the World – the more you get this strange feeling you haven´t seen anything. Travelers would agree with me here: this is how you end up having an ever-increasing Travel Bucket List. Do you have one as well?!

Nevertheless, I believe we all set our own limits and the bigger we dream – the more we get. Maybe, seeing the whole world is impossible, but for me, it is worth trying…

My travel bucket list for the next 5-10 years:

Well … basically, my travel bucket list is “everywhere I haven´t been yet“, but you need to start from somewhere, right?! Here I list mainly international places, but whenever I´m not able to head somewhere far away, I travel a lot around Spain, hike, do weekend getaways or day trips… You don´t always need to fly over to the other continent in order to experience something special … (Read more: Undiscovered Spain)

What about you? Which is this place across the globe you´d like to visit the most?

With love,