Been to Barcelona hundred times and never visited Montserrat? – Welcome to the club. Nevertheless, I´ve finally reached this beautiful destination and even made a wish…

Montserrat: Will my Wish Come True?

Beautiful, magical and peaceful, Montserrat is definitely a very special place. The atmosphere is simply unique. Despite a waiting line to Virgin Mary, don´t forget to ask for a wish. People say they really come true. – Mine is still on its way through. However, the moment I touched the hand of a Virgin Mary to make a wish, I felt like the whole world stopped for a moment. I felt something magical, out of this world.


How to get:

There are several ways to reach Montserrat:

  • by car, going all the way up to the Monserrat Abbey (keep in mind the parking is crazy there – most likely you´ll need to wait)
  • by car, and park at Rack Railway (Cremallera de Montserrat) or Cable Car (Aeri de Montserrat) and then go all the way up with one of the following
  • train from BCN and then again either a Cable Car or Rack Railway

The day I went to Montserrat, the Rack Railway didn’t work because of the strike: check your route a day before, just in case. If traveling by car – there also are 2 roads to take from BCN to Montserrat: A2 and A2+C55, the second option seems shorter, but the road is much worse and full of radars.

!!! Go early in the morning !!! I went there on a holiday Friday, and they were supposed to open from 10 a.m. Around 10.20 I was by the parking entrance and waited for 1h just to access the parking. And I guess it was even fast comparing to people who arrived around 1 p.m, the line went even crazier later on.

Don´t miss:

  • The panoramic view, there are several places to take some really nice pictures
  • Local cheese and honey, you´ll have the market by the entrance
  • “La Virgen de Montserrat”, the statue of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Catalonia. People wait in line to see her and make a wish. Some say it may take you 2h, so I was afraid of it. But luckily the line went on very fast, once you´re in a Cathedral – you get distracted by its beautiful architecture. Moreover, it felt like 10 min wait but was more or less 30 min.





With love💗


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