So many recent travels I haven´ t shared on my blog yet, but what about the lifestyle posts? – I know, last year I was not really active with blogging – due to my pregnancy I felt like I had no creative energy for writing. But this is about to change in 2018. But this is about to change this year. Lots of things are happening in my life lately… Let’s start with the yogi stuff!

Three major NEW habits I’ve introduced to this year: a Yogi Diet, Kaoshiki and Ekadashi… So what do they mean and how are they changing everything?!

Yogi Diet

You might have heard that most of the yogis are vegetarians, but did you know that garlic, onion and mushrooms are not included into the Yogi Diet? (aside from the obvious meat-fish-eggs) – Well, I absolutely did not. This 2018 I’m giving it a try!

People can argue on this as much as they want, but I’ve definitely noticed that vegetarian diet makes me feel better and happier. Out of nowhere I started having more energy to fulfill my plans and goals I used to procrastinate forever.

Being a foodie and having a passion for traveling – are the worst attributes when it comes to a yogi diet. If  you really enjoy exploring new gastronomic inventions across the globe: it´s extremely hard not being able to try half of the things from the menu. I really wonder how strict vegans manage to follow their diet while being on the move ??? – This is the reason why I still can´t name myself “vegan” or “vegetarian”.

Let’s face it: compared to many places across the globe, life in Europe is quite “privileged”. Here, most people choose their daily meals. While at the same time, there are many countries in Africa where locals are striving to survive. So, sometimes you’re not able to eat your first choice vegan products while on the road. Whenever I travel somewhere outside Europe or USA, I simply try to follow the rules of Yogi Diet as much as I possibly can. Mostly, I try to avoid meat and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables, as I can find. 


But food is only a part of the story. For years I am a big fan of Aeroyoga. And yet most of the things in my life have changed after I’ve started practicing asanas, with Kaoshiki and Ekadashi being an important part of it.

To start with, for several years I was doing exercises from the Peter Kelder´s book. But during my pregnancy I didn´t feel confident going on with them (because of the baby bump) – so I stopped. Therefore, after giving a birth to my baby girl, I was in search of a new healthy routine which would have significant health benefits and yet would take from 10 to 20 min of my daily time. Quite a challenge, right?! This was up until I’ve come across Kaoshiki on one of the youtube channels for yogis.

Kaoshikii is a yoga-dance (mostly beneficial to women, but men can dance as well). It is a sort of psycho-spiritual exercise for body and mind, which comes with numerous health benefits (check the list here). I should admit: I was skeptical about it first. But after I´ve read thousands and thousands of inspiring real-life stories, I decided I should at least give it a try.

You could imagine if I’m sharing this on my blog – it was a success for me. No more back pain, no more headaches – only energy and good mood after 10 min of daily practice. Unfortunately, with a little baby I can´t find time to do it everyday, for now. Nevertheless, Kaoshikii is definitely staying in my life.


Ekadashi is the 11th day of the moon cycle and to me it means  – fasting. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I´d even be looking into fasting – would never believe it myself. The practice of yoga has enhanced those changes in my body and mindset. Additionally, ever since I´ve read Paul Bragg´s book The Miracle of Fasting I was interested to give it a try. But only after learning about Ekadashi – fasting has become a part of my heathy routine.

So why are the Ekadashi days so special? Long story short, the atmospheric pressure is the lowest during these days. And according to science, a human body is 80 percent liquid. Ever heard of high tide on new moon and full moon days? – The gravitational force of the moon influence oceans, as well as it does with the human body. All this makes Ekadashi days perfect for cleansing. This simple habit has changed the way I feel and look SO MUCH. 

For years, I suffered from acne and took hormonal pills (which would make the situation better, but never eradicate the problem). Not to mention all the doctors I’ve visited in these recent years and all the creams I’ve tried. After only 4 Ekadashi fastings – my acne has almost disappeared. And as incredible as my story sounds – of course, fasting might be not a cure from everything and could be even impossible  or dangerous for some people (you should consult your doctor). Nevertheless, in my case fasting has become one of those things that divide your life into “before” and “after”.

However, as the Ekadashi days vary from month to month, they sometimes overlap with important plans in my schedule or days on the road. So, whenever fasting is not possible for me, I replace it with freshly squeezed fruit juices or simply fruits and vegetables. And the day after Ekadashi I have a cleanser drink: 1l of water + juice of one lemon + 1 tbsp of salt (tastes horrible) but it eliminates everything my body cleaned during the previous day.

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