Aeroyoga: Gravity free journey of the self, through the self, to the self… A unique practice to connect with your body and soul, reduce stress, regenerate your mind, stay fit, combat your fears and release your creativity… all in one – Aeroyoga, my latest obsession!

Art + Yoga + Fitness = Aeroyoga

It´s been already a year since I´ve discovered Aeroyoga and I simply can get enough. Every class is a new journey of self-reflection, growth and acceptance. I feel like practicing all the different postures with this special swing, breathing and meditating, makes healthier my body, mind and spirit. Aeroyoga unites yoga and art, which is why it is never boring, but rather adventurous and relaxing at the same time.

I used to think of myself as a sportive person. So, the biggest discovery Aeroyoga gave me: my body was not as well-prepared as I thought. And even more: I had a lot of unleashed potential. My first classes were quite challenging, but with every new day of practice my body evolved, becoming more strong and flexible.

And there is also a huge mental change going on there. You lose some of your initial fears (cause as easy as it might look like – not touching the ground might be scary), gain control over your body and regenerate your emotional system. There is nothing like this feeling of inner peace, relax and joy I get after every class. Aeroyoga definitely brings some positive vibes to my daily routine.

And in a world where we all rush from one week to another, constantly planning and fighting to make our dreams come true, changing the way we look and feel – yoga opens to me the possibility to get in touch with who I already am, to connect with my true self. Aeroyoga does the same, but in a very unique, creative and innovative way, which I absolutely love.


Keep Calm And Do Aeroyoga,

With love,


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