Forever Young? – Probably, not. Looking better and feeling healthier?- For sure. Read Peter Kelder´s ” Ancient secret of the fountain of youth ” and see it for yourself …

kelderForever Young?

At some point in my life, this book came as a discovery. I  went through numerous critics, feedbacks, and reviews  – and honestly, was curious to give it a try. Some people say this book has changed their life, others claim they had no results whatsoever. I guess it´s all very individual. It´s been almost a year since I’ve first tried exercises from the “Fountain of Youth”, and I could announce with all certainty they had an effect on my body. Maybe it´s also a matter of expectations and those who expect this book could make miracles from the first week of practice are wrong right from the start.

About the book

The main concept behind the story of ” Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth ” is staying in a harmony with your body and soul through eating right and doing a 15 min set of exercises every day. And all this leads to a radical change in your appearance, so as a result – you look younger. You don´t need to be a food or fitness guru to know that exercising and eating well is good for your health and makes you look better, right?! And we all know the healthy body has a healthy mind. So this was my motivation when I started, I was skeptical as to the matter of looking twice younger, but 15 min daily set of exercises seemed like a good habit to me.


The hardest thing for me was going on with daily exercises each and every single day. After trying new things I tend to lose interest and lack constancy, in general. However, in this book the author warns you “once you start exercising – you need to go on with no exceptions for the rest of your life”. You can miss max one day. Otherwise, it will have destructive effects on your body system, – don´t know whether it is true or not, and not excited to look for the answer through my own experiences. Again, many people say they stopped doing it and nothing happened. As for me, I believe 15 min per day is not a “mission impossible” and when I decided to start this routine, I´ve already made my peace with the fact I´d be ready to do it for the rest of my life. However, I tend to miss a day every once in a while. Nevertheless, this particularly hardest part of going on every day, no matter what, was a great lesson of a discipline for me. And suddenly I started finding time for things I used to leave forever in my “tomorrow list”.


As to the matter of effects, what I´ve noticed is that my stomach has become flatter and I started having more energy. I also stopped having meat cravings. This was the most surprising part, cause in the book the main idea is to eat carbs and proteins separately, and nobody says “stop eating meat”. But I realized every time I would have a hamburger or steak I would feel a bit off. So for now, what my body asks me for is fresh raw food, if not – just vegetarian stuff plus fish&seafood. And once per 1/2 weeks, I have meat. So at the end of the day, I eat the same things but in different proportions. I also stopped having backaches and headaches, my acne breakouts had significantly reduced. I guess my general conclusion would be “I feel better with these exercises than without them”.


So nothing too impressive or unbelievable, but the change was definitely very positive!

With love,