It´s been quite a topic all over the social media for years – is “Christmas spirit” a cliche leading us toward ruinous expenses or is it the synonym of love, joy, traditions and happy moments with our loved ones. I guess, here in New York, the commercialization is bigger than anywhere – but is there still this “Christmas magic” around?

For me, definitely – YES. And to start with – I don´t particularly enjoy crowded places or big cities. So normally, I always try to travel in the off season. But at the same time – to see all the Christmas decorations and shows in NYC: it´s been on my travel bucket list forever.

If you´ve never been to the Big Apple and plan on visiting all of its sites – December is, probably, one of the worst months to do so. In between multiple tourists in search of “Home Alone 2” kind of Christmas, and locals – preparing for the holiday season: you won´t be able to do much, simply because of the lines. But at the same time, if you really enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, NYC is “the place to be”.

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular was amazing!Trump TowerThe Rockefeller CenterBrooklyn

Christmas in NYC

Who doesn´t dream of White Christmas? Despite the cold weather, I was not lucky enough to see the snow in Central Park, and yet I can assure you: New York during a holiday season is something worth experiencing. Everything is colorful and jolly. Stores have bright lights and sparkly decorations. Hot chocolate warms the soul and Christmas is the best season for it, right?! Ice Skating looks like so much fun and most of us secretly wish to join all the happy faces out there on the rink (even the most uncoordinated ones of us [lol] but who cares?! it´s about having fun and spreading the cheer, right?!).

Santas are strolling down the 5th Avenue, and some of them are even singing Christmas carols – Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, Deck The Halls and many others that we hum to during the holiday season. (Check my Christmas Playlist here)

If you have been following my blog for a while – you already know that I´m also a big fan of the European Christmas markets (Read more: My Top 5 Christmas Destinations in Europe). Indeed, in these recent years visiting a new one every holiday season has become my personal December tradition. This year was a miss though. But I do not regret it for a second, cause New York ´s Christmas spirit is hard to beat. All the commercialization is still there, but I personally even don´t think about it when it´s so beautiful outside.

Christmas always gives me a chance to feel myself a kid again while looking forward to unwrapping gifts and enjoying some time with family and friends. Christmas is absolutely a time to gather and remember how lucky we are to have people who love us around.

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The Rockefeller Center

Christmas carols and lights remind me of all the happy moments: decorating the tree, baking gingerbread cookies, family gatherings with a lot of food (important attribute [lol]), opening presents, watching movies, smiling & laughing a lot. For me, Christmas is a great excuse to do the things I love, but never have enough time for… ok, even buy things, I’d never buy normally, and eating stuff – I´d never have had otherwise. And yes, dear “Christmas industry” – you can take an advantage of me as much as you wish, as long as I´m the one enjoying every moment of this holiday to the fullest.

Lotte New York Palace Hotel

Happy Holiday Season, everyone! Hope these New York moments will give you some inspiration for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations! Tell me what do you think of all this “commercialization issue” and what does this holiday mean to you?

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