We haven’t talked about food for a while! – It´s time for a Burger Challenge. You might have heard about the ongoing debate regarding two famous American burgers: Shake Shack vs In-n-Out, so which one is better?

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Burger Challenge

Of course, if you’re a gourmet and you love fancy burgers, then this discussion is pointless. But if you’re into something simple yet absolutely satisfying, then you’re on the right page.

While Shake Shack represents the East Coast, In-n-Out proudly serves the West Coast. As you can guess, this whole discussion is more than just Shake Shack vs In-n-Out, it’s East vs West. So, of course, everyone who tries these two burgers, naturally, wants to compare them and argue which one is the best. While I’m no expert in burgers, I just want to share my experience and to know whether yours was different (would love to read it in the comments). For those who have no idea what I’m even talking about – believe me, you’ll want to know these burger chains when traveling to the US.

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The flavor, the bun, the sauce & the meat

I tried Shake Shack first. Well, it seemed quite expensive for a fast food restaurant ($5.29 for a single ShackBurger). However, once I tried ShackBurger, I understood what I had paid for. The flavor, the bun, the sauce, the meat…everything was so delectable! However, the fries didn’t impress me at all (I really felt that they were previously frozen). But considering that the burger was so good, I didn’t really care for the fries that much.

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And now In-n-Out

When it comes to In-n-Out, it’s cheaper and even faster experience (the chain name represents itself well). I must admit, I didn’t really expect much from a $2.40 cheeseburger, but boy was I wrong! I can’t describe the feeling when I tried that burger. It was so simple, nothing creative or innovative, just a cheeseburger, but it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. What makes it even better is the fries, they were very satisfying and made a great addition to the burger.

Well, if you’re a meat lover, you might notice that Shake Shack’s quality of meat is somewhat better. However, it doesn’t ruin In-n-Out experience at all (at least for me it didn’t), because all of its ingredients make up for a flawless combination of a delicious burger (you can order animal-style burger for more fun).

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All in all, each one of these two heavenly burgers is perfect in its own unique way. It seems to me that Shake Shack tries to position itself as a high-quality fast food chain. They go all the way to make you feel good like you’re making the right choice (healthwise) once you enter their restaurant. All that green color and nice packaging surely add to it. They provide a lot of options to satisfy even the pickiest customer. On the other hand, In-n-Out is simple and fast. They don’t have a lot of options (so that you don’t stand there for hours choosing what to eat), which works to their advantage. They only have burgers, fries, sodas, and shakes (well, also they have “not-so-secret menu”, but it’s not as exciting as it sounds). What else do you need from a fast food chain?

From my point of view, if you don’t want to overthink it – the winner is In-n-Out, always. If you want something different and you’re a beef connoisseur, then Shake Shack is your place. After all, it isn’t that difficult, is it?

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