Autumn in the Big Apple: New York Mood

Autumn in the Big Apple : New York Mood #newyork #fall #colors #autumn #inspiration #ny #nyc #cantralpark

Autumn in the Big Apple: New York Mood

Autumn is my favorite time of the year and Autumn in NY – my favorite state of mind. When the summer heat is gone and Central Park is full of colors: orange is everywhere. And here they come, these cozy nights in curled up by a warm fire, hot chocolate on the way to work, dream-like weather … both nostalgic and romantic!

Colors and smells

How not to love autumn?! It blinds you with colors and smells while giving you this bitter-sweet feeling of gone summer mixed with new plans for the upcoming year. It is time to pause and start again. Warm drinks and seasonal smells feel deliciously intoxicating. The changing trees look like rainbows and leaves are crackling underfoot.

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New Beginnings…

But above all, autumn is a time for new beginnings, new stories, and new hopes. In New York, there are always more beginnings and stories and the hopes are always bigger. This is probably the reason why the fall in New York brings to your heart this unique feeling. Not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter – just a perfect mix of warm days and chilly nights. Therefore, there is nothing like a walk in Central Park with the purple-blue sky and soft breeze of a fall afternoon.

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Ok, if you still can’t imagine the feeling of “Autumn in the Big Apple“, this gallery will definitely take you there. All the pictures are from last year´s trip to New York.

Central Park, NYC
Central Park, NYC
Central Park, NYC
Breakfast at Gansevoort Market  #nyc #autumn #food #NewYork
Breakfast at Gansevoort Market
Autumn sky, NYC

Do you prefer an Autumn New York or NYC for Christmas?!

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