For years the Danish city of Copenhagen didn´t make it to my European travel routes. Not sure whether it´s simply my impression, but I feel like the capital of Denmark somehow gets overshadowed by its European neighbors  – Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and many others … So this year I was extremely happy to discover the Hygge capital and for sure, from now on – Copenhagen is one of the cities I´ll be traveling again someday


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I´ve always imagined Copenhagen as a charming city with beautiful architecture – and that´s true – but little did I know about its impressive cultural heritage, progressive design, and unique art galleries. Now I wish my visit to Denmark was longer than 3 days, so I could immerse myself into the city´s art life.

In a few weeks, I´ll share my full Copenhagen itinerary – from places and historic sites to food&leisure. But I´d really recommend you to start with the Danish Hygge, as it is the key to understanding everything you´ll ever experience in Denmark.

 Meantime, let´s talk about art: 3 places I enjoyed the most in Copenhagen.

-1- The Danish Museum of Art and Design

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Hygge fans – this is your stop! Love stylish interiors?! The Danish Museum of Art and Design features some of the most innovative works from famous Danish and international designers. However, I should warn you that this museum might not be a fit for everyone… Although it keeps its focus on innovation, contemporary crafts and Scandinavian designs (so personally I don´t understand how it could not be interesting… lol), both of my parents said they didn´t find it entertaining at all (it will be fair to say they usually have the same reaction with modern art galleries). Nevertheless, I felt like visiting Copenhagen and not learning more about the Danish design obsession – would mean not experiencing the local culture fully. Take for example the famous Danish Chair.

You might have heard that a chair has a special place in Danish homes. In other words: show me your chair and I will tell you who you are. According to the furniture designer Hans J. Wegner: “A chair is the closest thing to a human being. You could give it a personal expression.” So the chair´s function as a container for the body is secondary. It is more of an instrument, which gives individuals power, authority, and dignity while revealing everything about the age and society, in which it was created. And what about you?! Do you also believe there is more to the story here?! Can a simple chair affect and reflect the body it has to carry?!

Every girl should have a mirror like this one …

-2- Rosenborg Castle

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Copenhagen is famous for its castles – Amalienborg, Frederiksberg …  and Rosenborg looks like the smallest one of all. However, it was its Treasury that had impressed me the most during my visit to Denmark: jewels, crowns, swords, medallions … This unique historical heritage you must see with your own eyes.

-3- The David Collection

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A private museum with some unique holdings, gathered by a prominent lawyer C.L. David, preserved for posterity and currently opened to the public. I find it amazing that the entrance is free and they even provide you with a special tablet, so you could scan the barcodes of each item and learn some really interesting data.

The David Collection houses 3 permanent exhibitions: The Islamic Art, The European 18th-century art and The Danish Early Modern Art. However, I should say that it´s the Islamic Art section that I was so impressed with … some of the most exclusive decorative art pieces from the 7th century to the mid-19th century, covering an area that extends from Spain in the west to China in the east, from Uzbekistan in the north and Yemen in the south. Impressive, right?!

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