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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to At Lifestyle Crossroads, my personal space to share adventures, experiences, and love for life.

When I´ve started blogging, I never thought it would connect me with so many wonderful friends from all over the world. At Lifestyle Crossroads has turned into my personal platform to meet interesting people like you, people with dreams and different points of view, people not afraid of being who they are and doing what they want – citizens of the world.

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On my blog I write about everything that inspires and motivates me, share personal stories & tips. As a passionate world traveler and photography lover, I’m often on the road and always enjoy meeting interesting people from across the globe. So, make sure to say hi via comments or contact form – I´m always happy to connect with like-minded souls.

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Dear Diary 

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Adine Kirnberg Regular

  • Traveling

To me, this is the most transforming and eye-opening experience ever. I believe you never know who you are until you experience yourself through different cultures, people, and situations. Living abroad, learning foreign languages, exploring local cuisines, discovering new traditions… How could you possibly stay the same person after this? – Read more about my adventures on the road, beautiful undiscovered places, tips to make the most of your trips and funny stories along the way.

  • Books & Movies

My life is all about personal growth and becoming a better human being. I am fully convinced that education is the most powerful weapon to change our world for the better. It´s never too late to learn, question, explore and try – curiosity is what really keeps us alive. As a book lover and film enthusiast, I often find my motivation in other stories and I’m happy to share them with you //Read more

  • Yoga & Healthy Lifestyle

It took me years to realize that “healthy mind” and “healthy body” are the key factors for a happier life.   Through Yoga & Meditation, I’m still learning to listen to my inner voice. It is an ongoing journey of self-reflection, growth, and acceptance. And I’m always in search of new healthy habits and routines to improve my current lifestyle // Read more

  • Art

Being creative is the only way to leave our world more beautiful as we found it. In my section Art Lovers, you can find the impressive art pieces and places I explore during my travels: from ancient archeological mosaics and Renaissance interiors to modern street art and interesting expositions. By the way, one of my latest art hobbies is decorating ceramic pottery. What about you?!

  • Spain

As someone based in Spain (for the record: it was the world’s second most visited country in 2017), I’ve discovered a huge passion for places off the beaten path. In my blog series Undiscovered Spain, I explore Spanish hidden gems and plan to put all these travels together to launch a book one day. So, if Spain is on you travel Bucket list – make sure not to miss it.

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 With love,