A Healthy Month: 9 Food Habits That Changed My Life

Let me put it straight from the very beginning: I´m a foodie. I love food and I´m in love with food. (lol) I also love food jokes cause I feel they reflect my story. No wonder, it took me years to realize that whatever the result you seek to achieve – losing weight, reducing cellulite, feeling better or being healthy – “Eating healthy” is a number one in every list. But seriously, how do I live without fried potatoes and cakes?

A Healthy Month

In a search of a healthier lifestyle, I´ve decided to spend a whole month eating healthy foods only. Through years I´ve analyzed tones of information on healthy food habits and cheat meals. It was time to put it all into practice! And what started as an experiment has made it to my food routine.

The biggest discovery of my experiment was the healthier you eat – the more healthy craving you get. The hardest part of every change is adjusting to it and introducing new habits into your daily routine. I thought I couldn’t survive without cakes and sweet stuff, but after 3 weeks of no sugar – I´ve started questioning it all! Have I ever had a sweet tooth?! Was this even me eating 3 chocolates a day? The health benefits were obvious: no sugar diet made me feel and look better. In 3 weeks I´ve simply stopped wanting the sweets! The same story was about all the junk food!

100% healthy, raw, organic: possible?

We keep reading all over the internet about the celebrity diets and meal plans. Some of them are so obsessed with eco, raw and organic that they spend more time worrying about the ingredients, than actually enjoying their meals. Eco, raw, organic – it is all amazing, I love this stuff and I use a lot of it to cook my meals. But I can´t go around with my own food (neither do I want to). Modern social life, constant gastronomic inventions, world cuisines – do you seriously want to miss it all? – I can´t.

So the best choice for me is 80% of healthy foods and 20% of whatever I want. If you eat healthy most of the days, this one day you really want to cheat on your healthy lifestyle a bit – is no drama at all. It is this 80 % that really makes all the difference. Of course, if you´re already at this point when you have serious health or weight problem – you need a different approach with no “20% of whatever I want” at all. Or if you simply feel like this 100% healthy, organic, raw, vegan is all you need and it makes you happy, why not? – Wish it´d be my story. But sorry, not the case.

Not being able to try new cuisines and explore the food novelties – is a huge sacrifice for me. Therefore, it is not only the “food factor” (as I´ve mentioned previously after a month of eating healthy – your cravings change), it is the “explore factor” and “social factor”. How could I miss out this new restaurant or skip trying a new cuisine while traveling?! When I go out with friends and I can´t eat anything from the menu, do I stay home? This is a sacrifice I´d make if necessary for health reasons, but no other reason is worth it, for me.


9 Food Habits That Changed My Life

So, going back to this 80 % of eating healthy. There are some rules, tricks, and ideas, which help me to eat healthier on a daily basis. These are the food habits I was not grown up with, but they simply have the most amazing effects on my entire body. So I´ve introduced them to my daily lifestyle and enjoy the benefits. They´ve really changed my life.

1.Slow motion

Once I spot myself eating fast I try to turn on “the slow-mo mode”: Don´t simply eat – feel the taste. Eat slow, enjoy every piece of it. Trick: You feel full faster and as a result eat less.

2. Water

Drink a lot of water (1,5-2 L). Always carry around with you a small bottle. Especially do I love a melt-water. Sometimes we confuse Hunger and Thirst. Staying hydrated prevents overeating.

3. Don´t drink while eating

Don´t drink and eat at the same time. I do drink 15 min before eating or an hour after. This way the digestion goes better and you don’t feel the heaviness in your stomach.

4.Lemon water mornings

I start every morning with a glass of warm lemon water. Not only is it helpful for waking up, but also has endless benefits. Lemon water helps digestion, gives an energy boost, cleanse the whole body system and just has the most refreshing effect on my body.

5. Say no to sugar

Reduce sugar, or replace it with stevia. I do eat products with sugar occasionally but hope someday I will cut it off completely. However, even reducing sugar, already brings multiple health benefits.

6. Don´t mix carbs and proteins

Not mixing protein rich and carbohydrate-rich foods. This habit goes against everything I´ve been used to during my entire life. I´ve heard of it before, but only after reading “The Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder, I´ve decided to give it a try. No doubts: it works for me. The digestion goes much faster and I feel much better. For now, I follow this rule in 60% of cases but hope with time to change my eating habits completely.

7.No milk

I will not get into a discussion whether milk is good or not. It simply doesn’t work for my body. I also noticed it causes me acne breakouts, but again, it´s my case. I do drink coffee with an almond/oat milk and make porridge with a coconut milk.

8.Vegan and Vegetarian

I´m not a strict vegan or vegetarian, but 70% of what I eat is either vegan or vegetarian, 30% fish and seafood, 10% meat. I used to consider myself a meat lover. However, since I´ve started doing a lot of Yoga and Aeroyoga – I´ve noticed that the less meat I consume, the better I feel and the more energy I have. So, lately, I´m avoiding meat whenever I have a choice.

9.Raw food

After reading “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko, I´ve discovered the green smoothies. Every 1-2 days I make a green smoothy mixing fruits and “green” (lettuce, spinach etc. ). I can´t describe enough how my skin has changed since then. It became tighter and started looking fresher and healthier. My favorite recipe would be spinach+banana+kiwi+water.

With love,