Favorite Travel Quotes: Traveling is the most life-changing, transforming and eye-opening experience ever. Lived abroad? Traveled a lot? Made friends all over the world? Experienced different cultures? Learned foreign languages? – Are you still the same after all? – I doubt it.

My Top 7 Travel Quotes Only Globetrotters Would Understand

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quote 1

Let´s face it – our daily routine is our bubble (unless you´re a full-time solo traveler). We have certain circles of “friends – family – colleagues”. Yes, we watch TV and movies, read books and newspapers – but it does´t feel that real until you´re actually interacting with someone from these media stories. They might make you happy or sad: but in most of the cases, it all feels like a life “somewhere else” not like “my own life”.

Only through traveling we get to know life, the one that exists outside our bubble, the one that starts where our comfort zone ends. And only then you understand – whom you date, what you wear, where you work and other “important” daily issues might be so insignificant comparing to the fact that in some places kids don´t get to go school, women have no rights and men work for a peace of bread. The world is big and our own story is only a small part of it.

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quote 2

We are all different, and yet we´re all the same… People across the globe dream and fall in love. It is true: we are the products of our societies and traditions. But our religions, nationalities, skin colors don’t make us any less human. They don´t make us good or bad people, but rather people with different backgrounds. Which definitely brings colors to our world. But I believe, it´s our choices, views and attitudes that really define us. We all have much more in common than we think. And before becoming a muslim, a hindu or a christian – let´s become a human first.

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quote 3

Some people and places stay with us forever, even when we leave them. In my life, there were plenty of cases when I´ve known someone for all my life and they had less impact on me than others I´ve barely spent a week with. Time is not always a key. It´s our vision of the world that brings us together or pushes us apart. A minute might be enough to notice this special person and a whole life could not be enough to learn everything about each other. So, for me, our true home is not an actual spot on the map, but a place where our loved ones are.

It is unbelievable how you can grow up in different countries with distinctive traditions and still find soulmates on the other side of the world. And it is, honestly, my favorite part: loving and knowing people from different places, when friendships have no boundaries.

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Since my first trip abroad, the brightest experiences in my life were always expat experiences. Even when it was living somewhere for a month – I was not the same afterwards. I lived in London for my business studies, in Hong Kong for my internship, in Berlin for my German language course … and I don’t know what was it all about – the people I met, the situations I´ve been through or simply “me growing up”, but I was a different person in each and every of these places. And I love looking back to all these stages of my life and missing “the little me”, someone I was once.

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quote 4

Have you also noticed that cities have their own personalities: unique vibes, people, expressions, lifestyles and stories?

Two cities within the same country could be completely different. And the other two in different parts of the world could be more alike than the ones located nearby. Citizens, traditions, religions, cultures, climates, time zones – every city has its unique vibes. And I admit: I´ve fallen in love with cities lots of times. Traveling is an ultimate way to keep falling in love forever.

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quote 6

And this quote brings me to the confusing issue ” where is my home?” Is it the place of my birth, the one I am living now or the one I felt at home. Could this be more than one place?

If you never lived abroad – there is no problem here. Home is home. But what if you´ve left a peace of your heart in different places – does it make them your home as well?! – For me, yes. This is why when people ask me where I´m from, I feel like the answer is not telling them anything real about me. They normally mean my nationality or my place of birth – but so many things have happened to me since then, that I feel like this is simply the part of the story, the smallest one. If only I could answer: “I´m a citizen of the World” and not to be seen as a crazy one.

So yes, the more I find home in thousand strange places, the more I feel a stranger in my own land.

Quote #7

quote 7

Also have the tendency to overthink stuff? – Welcome to the club. When I´m having doubts about something, I always ask myself “will it still be important in 20 years?” 90% of my daily problems won´t. And life is already happening, now is the time to live it up.

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our feelings to grow sharper. No time for doubts and regrets. Dream big, explore the world, experience new cultures, learn new things, discover new places, love with no regrets, let go off your fears, smile and laugh more, meet new people… But you already know it all, if you´re reading this post: it means you´re also a traveler, a wonderer and a dreamer. You may even live on the other side of the world, but my life story is also your life story… see how us, people, are all the same across the globe?! We dream the same language.

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