Who might think of Oslo when it´s cold outside, right? Well… I did. While booking a trip with my family, we actually, had the same concerns. On the one hand, it was one of a few European capitals we haven’t seen yet, on the other – while traveling to the North you always expect the worst from the weather…

To start with, Oslo has surprised me a lot. Not only was the weather fine, but there were plenty of things to do and see. And what’s even more important, in comparison with many other European cities, Oslo was not crowded at all. I also felt like people were extremely friendly, even friendlier that in neighboring Sweden or Iceland. So this trip has definitely placed on my travel bucket list another visit in summer, to travel more around the country and to see the fjords.

Anyway, if you are considering to visit Oslo off the summer season – it might not be a bad idea at all. Maybe, we were lucky with the weather, but I’ve been to Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic around the same dates and it felt twice colder.

If I am to choose the top 5 places I liked the most – these were my favorites.

1.Oslo City Center and Opera House

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

I loved the modern architecture of the city, at some point you feel as if you’d traveled through time and landed in a future. It´s all about minimalism, shapes and forms… And of course, when discovering a new city – you start from it´s center. In fact, the Opera House was not exactly in the heart of the city but a 20-30 mins walk for us – that would still be the “city center”… [lol].

Oslo Opera House

2.Viking Ship Museum

Who haven’t heard of the Viking ships and their unique structure?! – So, this museum is a must stop. P.S. The fans of the Vikings TV series would love it for sure.

3.Frogner Park

This park should look amazing in summer, but the unique sculptures made it interesting even in the off-season.

4.Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

This was my favorite part of the trip. Again, I felt like we travelled in time. But this time it was backwards though. The museum’s main attraction, Gol Stave Church, was from around 1200. The rest of the buildings looked very real and it was so interesting to see how Norwegians lived on these lands centuries ago. There were no actors or activities in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History when we visited, and yet I loved the place.

5. Nobel Peace Center

Another must stop in Oslo. It is a great place to learn more about people who tried to change our political situation for the best. War, peace, conflict resolution, word progress, social problems, diplomacy… I only wish this knowledge would be used by our governments more often. So many war conflicts keep arising every year, I wonder if there will be a Nobel Peace Prize (as well as people who deserve it) in 20 years.

Have you ever been Oslo? What did you like the most about the city?

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