In these past decades every famous person feels like their ultimate calling is to publish a personal book. Autobiographies, poetry, novels, cookbooks… But is there anything out there actually worth reading ?

It is logical that people go and buy a book from someone they admire. But sadly, really a few “hollywood stars” these days make something worth reading: honest and useful. Half of the famous female celebreties on our planet, either have a blog or white a book describing their beauty routines or giving some success tips. And most of it, are either someone else´s thoughts or partnership with brands. With all the social media break through – our society has become more marketing-oriented than it´s ever been. As a result, less and less real information comes out to the surface. And what´s the point of sharing if no money comes to your pocket? Truth rarely benefits anyone or sells the newspapers.

In this context, I particularly enjoyed the following three books from the women I admire. It´s more a read for all the ladies out there, but definitely something worth having a look at.

  • Miranda Kerr “Treasure Yourself”

Simple, positive and inspiring. Well-known affirmations “be yourself”, “love yourself”, “dreams come true” – so, nothing new and yet you enjoy reading it. The book is simple and easy to understand – I´ll definitely give it to my baby girl when she grows up. Every once in a while I open it on a random page with my morning coffee and get some positive vibes for the rest of the day. You won´t find here the typical advice on how to look good, it´s rather about the beauty which shines from within. (P.S. As to the beauty – I love Miranda´s Kora organic skincare brand.)

  •  Jessica Alba “The Honest Life”

Before this book Jessica Alba was one of many “pretty” hollywood actresses for me. But let´s face it: nowadays it´s impossible not to admire her achievements. Mom of 2 (soon 3) kids, successful business lady who created a billion dollar company, all with an aim to provide eco goods for home and kids. In her book Jessica covers different aspects of life, while giving some beauty tips as well. Indeed, I´ve discovered many ecological skincare brands while reading – and been using many of them ever since. So I could say it´s not a paid partnership with companies only, but still decent products, she names. By and large, this book has appeared “honest” to me and some beauty tips were really handy and useful.

  • Cameron Diaz “The Body Book”

This book has the highest reviews all over the internet. Again, there areno big discoveries here: healthy food, sport, loving yourself. Well-written in a collaboration with another co-author. And to be fair, instead of launching to the market “another celebrity book”, here they´ve collected lots of data and provided some medical info . All together with some personal experiences and tips from Cameron. If I got this book in my early twenties – it would have been even more useful. However, “The Body Book” still motivates to bring some new healthy habits to our daily routines.

Have you read any celebrity books, if so – which one is your favorite?

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