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One of my favorite cities to go hunting for new delicious eats is definitely New York. Check these 10 New York foods you simply can´t miss!

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A foodie in New York

Visiting New York

Whether you plan to visit New York in the fall foliage or dream of NYC Christmas lights, you just cannot ignore the incredible gastronomic arena of this city. So pull up that foodie agenda and start taking notes! Grabbing as many local bites as you possibly can, should be a must for every foodie in New York.

Besides, it’s no secret that one of the best ways to discover the cultural heritage of NYC is through its diverse cuisines. Nevertheless, in recent years, New York has gone far beyond that – nowadays, many unique, original, and innovative dishes originate in the Big Apple. Not only can be Ney York labeled as the center of the world, but it is also currently a top trending kitchen corner on our planet.

Best New York Food Tours

If you want someone in-the-know to take guide thought all best Foodie spots in New York, check one of these unique tours:

Discovering new places

Every year thousands of new places with their unique food offers appear on the map of NYC, so don´t expect a complete list of the best spots – as an expat and huge foodie in New York, I literally keep discovering those every day. Nevertheless, I´ve handpicked a few of my current favorite New York Foods to send your way for this daily dose of deliciousness.

Bibble & Sip Matcha Jasmine Latte in New York

Current favorite New York foods:

1. Bibble & Sip / Matcha cream puff + Matcha Jasmine Latte

Bibble & Sip  Matcha cream puff in New York

2. Lady M Boutique – Gateau Fromage

Lady M Boutique - Gateau Fromage

3. Melt Kraft – Grilled Cheese

4. Dominique Ansel Bakery – Frozen S´more + Cookie Shot

Dominique Ansel Bakery - Frozen S´more in New York

5. Max Brenner – Chocolate Pizza

Max Brenner Chocolate Pizza in New York

8. Tompkins Square Bagels – French Toast Bagel with Birthday Cake Cream

Tompkins Square Bagels - French Toast Bagel with Birthday Cake Cream in New York

9. Morgenstern´s Finest Ice Cream – Coconut Ash Ice Cream

Morgenstern´s Finest Ice Cream - Coconut Ash Ice Cream in New York

10. Red Eye Grill – Sushi Burger

Red Eye Grill - Sushi Burger in New York

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