Pregnancy is a huge change in a life of every woman, both mental and physical. And here comes one of the biggest fears of all mommies-to-be – the stretch marks! And of course, if getting pregnant  made you start reading the ingredients of every product you buy (like it happened to me) – you´ve probably realized by now: finding a product free of retinols, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, aluminum chloride, parabens  etc. and that actually works  – might be not as easy as it seems… So which were my personal findings against stretch marks?

Now, when my baby girl is already 3 months old, and  I´m back to my initial shape – I could claim with all certainty my skincare routine to avoid stretch marks has worked. This is not a sponsored post, I´m simply happy to share with you all the tips.

Can we beat genetics?

Scientists say genetics play a big role in whether someone gets the stretch marks. Well… from my experience you definitely should try your best to avoid stretch marks or minimize them. I do have some stretch marks from my teenage years – so, I knew from the very beginning I would be in the “risk group”(Not to mention all the women in my family had them.) Nevertheless, taking care of my skin during these 9 months has made it look even better than it was before I got pregnant!

Here, I should probably mention that even though I gained 17kg (while all the doctors here in Spain insist on 12-15 being the norm) – I did practice sport as well. It was not all about creams and oils. I walked from 6 to 10 km during my first and second trimester Furthermore, I swam and practiced yoga&streching during my third trimester. I was also drinking lots of water. And that would sound like a perfect plan if I could have added to this list – “limiting my food cravings”. I obviously did not.

In my defense, I could say that I tried to eat as healthy as I could for the baby´s sake. Nevertheless, if my body asked me for a burger – I didn´t overthink it. But again, I tried it to be not a fast food burger but a restaurant burger/or a grilled steak, for instance. While you choose to eat what you want – the quality of the food always matters. I had no meal limits in terms of when and how much I eat, that´s why I gained quite a lot but thanks to my active lifestyle – I gained it all gradually. And what is even more important – I felt good and enjoyed it to the fullest during my pregnancy months. Despite some extra kilos, I got back into shape in a month (apparently, breastfeeding and little slip is the best diet).

New Skincare Routine

I mention these details together with my skincare essentials only cause I believe that looking good during/after your pregnancy is a combination of all the above. And while applying various skincare products on a daily basis was never my thing before, getting pregnant has changed both my skin and my attitude. Starting from the first month of my pregnancy – my skin has become drier and I started having acne breakouts on my shoulders, which has never happened before. This was the turning point when I took actions to change my skincare routine and searched for the best products to use during my pregnancy.

I´ve tried lots of natural treatments and remedies in search of my favorite ones. I guess the ideal scheme here is to have something to exfoliate your skin, something soothing and fast-absorbing, as well as something oily and deeply nourishing. Nevertheless, every skin is different – some of the products that worked great for me might not be of a first choice for you ( Indeed if you read the reviews all over the internet there is always someone unhappy about every product lol) The trick here is that you´ll never know until you try.

My Skincare Essentials During Pregnancy

  • Rilastil Stretch Mark Cream
  • Bio Oil Scar Treatment
  • Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel
  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay
  • Glonaturals Essentials Collection Tropical Mango Sugar Body Scrub
  • Nubian Heritage Bar Soap African Black / Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap Unscented
  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks
  • SheaMoisture Mommy Stretch Mark Butter Cream with Passiflora & Pistachio Oils
  • Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Natural Body Brush
  • Andalou Naturals Body Butter Nourishing Kukui Cocoa
  • Weleda Perineum Massage Oil

Other Natural Remedies

  • Baths with herbs, clay, and essential oils
  • Coffee scrub ( coffee + honey + cinnamon + vegetable oil + 2-3 drops of essential oil)
  • Vegetable oils – rosehip seed / coconut / sesame /olive /almond / argan

Aside from rosehip seed oil, other vegetable oils were too oily for me to leave them on long. I did apply it to my skin for 10 min before taking a shower. This was a perfect hydration – even though it seems like 10 min is not a big deal, applying vegetable oils as a skin mask worked great for me. However, be careful with using these natural oils too often. I started using only the vegetable oils for a week and noticed my skin became drier: so I guess the best solution is to combine creamy and oil remedies.

I hope you´ll find my experience helpful. In fact, if you´re reading this you´re probably a future mommy-to-be. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

With love,


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