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The best way to capture a Moment: Photos vs. Videos from Iceland

So, photos or videos? what is the best way to capture a moment? I´m definitely more of a “photo person” and traveling is not the same without my camera. Once captured, every trip becomes a real-life diary of shots. Just think about it: We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. With years we forget the details of the story, but seeing pictures brings back all the memories, feelings and experiences we once lived.

However, do pictures always reflect the full story behind the shot? Moments are fleeting, landscapes are changing, time goes by… Could videos do it better? Bring back this one important element: the unique feeling behind the shot? Something that has moved you enough about this moment to capture it. Here I will post a picture and a video from each place, perspective and objects captured may vary though.

Icelandic landscapes

Iceland is one of the most amazing, magical and fascinating countries I´ve been to. The landscapes are so beautiful, you could shoot at every turn. During my week there I went on doing both pictures and short videos/snaps. The biggest discovery was that not only have they both helped me to hold the memories better but made me see things differently. The same landscape is not the same, whether it´s picture or a quick video. It´s like seeing the same thing with different eyes.

Do we really see?

Moreover, I´ve also noticed one thing: sometimes we are blind. I´ve been walking around for 30 mins on the Reynisfjara beach in Vik and I had spent 5 min taking pictures there. Nevertheless, I´ve noticed more things checking out my own photos later, rather than while I was there enjoying the views. Natural beauty is a natural beauty: this is something our eyes spot immediately. But do we really pay attention to all the details? – Sometimes a moment happens so quickly that our eyes miss the most of it. And even more, when you´re lost in the moment – you´re more into your own feelings, rather than details. Every trip is about moments and stories. Photos and videos make them an eternal part of our life journey…

Photos vs. Videos

Here they go, 6 quick snaps vs 6 photos from my trip to Iceland: each pair taken at the same place but from different perspectives. Do you think they tell the same story?

1. East Fjords

East Fjords

2. Reynisfjara beach, Vik


3. Snæfellsnes Peninsula


4. Skógafoss Waterfall


5. Lava Fields #ontheroad

Lava fields

6. Strokkur Geysir 


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