Better days are coming – they are called Saturday and Sunday… But what is it that makes us all love weekend so much? – Relaxation, family, fun: weekends are meant for comfort and doing things we love. But what if we could carry our version of the weekend into a work week? – Let´s try having a never-ending weekend…

While for many of us a Friday evening means a new chapter, not everybody works 9-5 with weekends off to unwind. And after all, who said weekends have to start on Friday? Personally, I love bringing some of my favorite weekend activities into my work week. It´s actually about those small things that end up making a big difference… So what gives me weekend vibes?!

Amandella Script

Amandella Script

Have you ever heard that calories don’t count on weekends? “Guilty pleasures” – Yes, please. I love making pancakes and waffles every once in a while, or when I don´t feel like cooking – having a coffee by the seaside. We´re often in a rush and don´t take our time to have a good breakfast. Let´s start our day right! Nothing brings me a weekend feel more than a delicious breakfast.

Horchata & Fartons / A summer morning in Valencia, Spain

Amandella ScriptYoga at the beach, bubble bath, meditation, relaxing in a comfy bra on the couch with a good book, getting enough sleep, watching your favorite movie or a popular TV show, swimming, singing along to your favorite song … Whenever I feel stressed out during my work week, I try to think of something that would bring me some joy and distraction. In fact, spending 20 min on those self-care moments is a must, and it´s a time we all have. And let´s be honest we deserve it: it is no one´s job to love you but yours.

Have you ever heard that swimming increases relaxation chemicals and it´s highly conducive to a meditation?

Amandella Script

Watching a sunrise, jogging at the beach, riding a bike, hiking or having a coffee in the nearest park … a brief contact with nature could literally change it all. As I live on the Mediterranean coast of Spain – finding places “for walks with nature” is easy. Nevertheless, I still remember heading to work in Hong Kong around 7 a.m and seeing locals doing Tai Chi in one of the nearest parks. Find some beautiful place and get lost

Sunrise / Benicassim, Spain

Amandella Script

You can always cook/order your favorite food and share it with your loved ones. Spoiling yourself every once in a while never hurts, especially during your work days. A spontaneous night out with your girlfriends or a romantic dinner for two?! – Life is short.

Don´t always have a company?! – Well, have you ever had a romance with pizza?!

My perfect pizza /fresh basil + mozzarella cheese

Amandella Script

As a travel addict, I always try to make the most of my weekends – day trips, hikes, museums, concerts… everything I haven’t seen before works. It´s not always about undertaking a big journey to a new country. A trip to the nature park in your neighborhood or a new exhibition at the nearest art gallery –  this could give you some Wanderlust for the whole week. You don´t need to wait for a Saturday off to visit new places and live experiences! Take another route to work or stop by a new museum or local cafe on your way home: make seeing new places your daily habit, rather than a random weekend activity!

10-min stop at Port Saplaya, while driving to Valencia 

Amandella Script

What is your favorite weekend plan?

How do you bring some of your top weekend activities into your work week?

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