Do you ever feel suffocated when you´re far away from Mother Nature for a while?! – I definitely do. A refreshing escape from our usual lives to explore new places, why not?! Cause in the end, adventure is always right around the corner… Let me share another nature escape in the province of Valencia – Navajas!

The Legend of Bride´s Jump in Navajas Valencia, Spain #navajas #spain #valencia #waterfall #hike #nature


Years ago I´ve come across someone´s pictures on the internet of a 60m-high waterfall in the small village of Navajas (Valencian Community, Spain). Such a beautiful landscape, not quite typical for the area considered a “sandy Mediterranean paradise” – I was already eager to learn more… I quickly found out this place had a strange name – The Jump of the Bride (in Spanish “Salto de la Novia” in Spanish), and it all came from an old local legend…

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The Legend of Bride´s Jump in Navajas Valencia, Spain #navajas #spain #valencia #waterfall #hike #nature
The Bride´s Jump / Navajas

Legend of the Bride´s Jump

Before you start reading – this legend is a bit creepy! I mean, you could figure it out from the waterfall´s name – The Bride´s Jump. Why on earth would a happy bride jump into rushing water?!

So… Many years ago there was a local tradition for the brides to jump over the Palancia River in order to prove their love and ensure a happy marriage. Normally, a girl was supposed to find a place where the river narrows a bit, and then, in front of the villagers, jump to the opposite shore. Success was a sign of a happy marriage and true love.

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There is this story of a young couple in love: they were about to get married. Like other brides, the young lady tried to jump, but slipped and fell into the river. A groom tried to save his beloved, but sadly, both of them drowned. Nowadays some locals claim that on the moonlit nights they still hear voices and the river becomes radiantly white as a wedding dress

A waterfall on the way to the Bride´s Jump in Navajas

A Picnic with the dead – Yes, please!

Nevertheless, the place has become an ultimate picnic destination for families and couples. Apparently, there´s not much left from the legend´s “dangerous river”…

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And what I find even more amusing – it´s currently a popular destination for the wedding photoshoots. No doubts, the photos would look great. And even if we assume the legend was simply invented to boost tourism in the area – I´m not sure I would like this reminder of a dead bride every time I´d go through my wedding album… Would you?!

Would you?!

The Legend of Bride´s Jump in Navajas Valencia, Spain #navajas #spain #valencia #waterfall #hike #nature

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The Legend of Bride´s Jump in Navajas Valencia, Spain #navajas #spain #valencia #waterfall #hike #nature

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