As much as I love avoiding the crowds and getting off the beaten track, the festival “Las Fallas” in Valencia is a MUST! Every March the city turns into an open-air museum full of incredible statues, called “ninots”. Most of them satirize political figures, events, celebrities… and some of the figures are more than 20 feet tall! Check the full gallery from Las Fallas 2018 and put this festival to your travel bucket list!

Las Fallas 2018 in Valencia

Lights, fireworks, flowers, costumes, music,  fun – in other words, lots of traditional Spanish “fiesta”. “Las Fallas” festival definitely has special vibes. After years of missing it, me and my husband, we finally made it in 2018. And even though the weather was against us ( I mean, raining in Valencia ?! – it´s sunny 360 days a year, not this time though) –  we’ve managed to visit the biggest “ninots” and had a lot of fun.

Which one do you like the most?

This year’s winner loved this oneNo introduction needed

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