This weekend I finally had time to visit The Jellyfish Exhibition at L´Oceanografic of Valencia. I absolutely love the sea world, and even though I´ve prevously been to the park – this new event was a perfect excuse to travel into the blue once again…

And even though I´ve expected the Jellyfish Exhibition to have more aquatic animals, some species have definitely captured my attention. It´s also been quite a while since my last visit to L´Oceanografic Valencia. So it was great to explore all the areas once again. However, including the high entrance price, visiting it only to see the new exposition would not be worth it.

Into the blue : The Jellyfish Exhibition

Somehow visiting aquariums always brings this peaceful feeling. Jellyfishes are constituted by more than 95 percent of water. They have lived on this planet for over 600 million years and they are related to corals and anemones. Even though I could watch some of these creatures for hours and we all know not all of them are dangerous – I wouldn´t be happy having one of these swimming around. Beyond the anecdotal of the poisonousness they are best known and feared, they actually represent one of the most evolutionarily successful animal groups on the Planet.

Jellyfishes play an important ecological role in the marine world. They serve as food for different species, take refuge between their tentacles and even act as a taxi service while transporting small animals. Their lifestyle is adopted to light cycles: they emerge to the surface during daylight hours and submerge at night.

Japanese sea nettle

Egg-yolk jelly

Northeast Pacific Sea Nettle

Moon Jellyfish

Purple People Eater

White Spotted Jellyfish

Atlantic Sea Nettle

And when I thought I got to take some beautiful shots I came across a small photography exhibition… Two of my favorites:

The plastic beauty of a Mediterranean jellyfish suspended right beneath a calmed sea

A Mediterranean jellyfish caresses the surface at the very moment the dawn sun breaks

Have you ever been to L´Oceanografic of Valencia? Which was the most beautiful Aquarium/ marine park you´ve ever visited? My favorite one so far is Lisbon Oceanarium

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