Nothing gets us all into the festive spirit better than Christmas markets. Sweet winter scents, wooden chalets, hot drinks, childhood melodies, handicraft gifts… I´ve already put together my personal list of favorite European cities to experience this kind of holiday magic for the next week. And today, I´m sharing with you my top 3 cities for a fairytale Christmas in Switzerland.

It´s hard not to fall in love with this wonderful country: beautiful landscapes, friendly people, fresh mountain air, crystal clear water, food & cheese, safety …  I could talk forever about all the things I liked there. It would be almost perfect, if Switzerland was not one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite travel destinations. And while a Glacier Express Trip is still on the top of my travel bucket list, I´ve already picked my top 3 favorites to experience the Swiss Christmas spirit.


Christmas Lucerne looks like a story from fairy tales: cozy Christmas markets, swan lake and mountain landscapes with snow caps all around you. And last but not least: comparing to other Swiss cities Lucern was significantly less crowded for the Holiday Season.


More Christmas Markets, more things to do and see, and of course, more people (not as crowded as Vienna or Prague though). The decorations in the city center were extremely beautiful, including a huge Swarowski Christmas tree at the Railway Station. Here, and not in Vienna, I´ve had the best Apple strudel in my life.


The city of Basel itself is, probably, less picturesque than the first two. But the Christmas markets are also quote magical here. And, of course, the best thing about Basel is its location: a sort of border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland. So not only could you enjoy the Swiss Christmas, but to take a day trip to Alsace or Germany´s Black forest. Basel is also more of a budget option rather than other Swiss capitals.

What about you? Have you ever visited any of these amazing Swiss cities or markets? Or, maybe, experienced Christmas magic somewhere else in Switzerland?

Happy Holidays Everyone!🎁

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