I´ve recently started my painting classes and so far it´s been the most enjoyable and “creativity embracing” experience. Even the pictures I used to take have something different now…


Embrace Creativity: Painting

Some people try painting once and live all their life with an idea they are not good at it. But we all forget that not everyone is meant to be a Picasso and painting might actually be fun. I believe everyone should find a way to express himself/herself. Our life is a message and being creative is the only way to leave our world more beautiful as we found it…

Everyone is creative

So, painting is one of my personal hobbies, passions, and ways of expression. And again, I believe you don´t need to be a Picasso to enjoy what you do and do things you love. We all have different talents and we are all beginners when we start something new. But we all see the world differently and that´s the best part about being creative. As Picasso said:”Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” It is true: the majority of modern schools kill the creativeness in kids. That´s why so many geniuses have problems with the education system in general. And this is also why we all grow up losing our creativeness.

Why Painting?

I´m on my way to gain it back, are you?! I believe we all lack this moment of staying alone with our inner being. Only then, you learn to trust your feelings and to express them in the form of art. Painting is my moment. When I seat in front of a clean paper and don’t know what to paint – this is when I also learn to listen to myself and reflect something I love and admire, something I fear or avoid. Therefore, painting helps me to give a form to my feelings and then to face them. But actually, so does photography, dancing, sculpture, singing, yoga, cooking and many other hobbies we all have. Creativity is simply the quality that we all bring to any activity we are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how we look at things.

As the great Indian philosopher, Osho said: ” You become more divine as you become more creative. All the religions of the world have said: God is the Creator. I don’t know whether He is the Creator or not, but one thing I know: the more creative you become, the more godly you become. Creativity means loving whatsoever you do – enjoying, celebrating it, as a gift of existence! Maybe nobody comes to know about it. History will not take any account of it; newspapers will not publish your name and pictures – but that is irrelevant if you enjoyed it.”

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Wishing you all creativeness in everything you do.

With love,