Dreams come true: Hawaii from the air. One of the most unforgettable experiences in my life – a helicopter flight over the Big Island of Hawaii…


Dreams Come True: Hawaii From the Air

Since early childhood, Hawaii was my biggest dream. A far away land, full of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, surfing paradise and home of aloha spirit. How not to fall in love?

The Big Island (also called Hawaii´s Island) is the largest and yet the less explored one of Hawaiian Islands. In my view, it is a perfect choice for adventurers and nature lovers. Hawaii´s Island is mostly famous for its amazing wild nature and currently active volcano Kilauea. The 8 (of 13) climate zones can be found on the Big Island, so if you drive around a lot – you get to experience different climates in one day. In my case, just in 5 days, I saw all the areas of Hawaii´s Big Island. Therefore, should admit: the landscapes vary a lot. You feel like you´re traveling across the globe while staying on the far-away island in the middle of the Pacific.

Hawaii´s Big Island is once in a lifetime experience and a bird´s-eye view is this unique moment when you realize the power of Mother Nature in Hawaii.

A helicopter flight over Kilauea is, probably, the best way to get closer to real lava. Walking tours make you see magma rocks and you don´t always get the best views from the boat. I was so impressed by this unique experience: nothing could substitute seeing Hawaii from the air!

A Bird´s Eye View

Seeing real lava in action was incredible. However, the brightest impression, for me, was flying along the coastline at Waipio Valley, with its 600m high cliffs and tropical waterfalls. For a moment I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, the view was simply breathtaking. Some locals explained to me later this coastline area is hard to see in any other way: it is dangerous to get close on a boat due to strong ocean currents and sharks. Moreover, to hike in this particular area you need to get special permission in advance (a month or so). And even if you manage all the above, you can never get the same view as the one from the air.

By the way, many companies offer you a DVD of your actual flight, which I bought. However, the quality appeared to be not very good. Nevertheless, I´ve taken lots of pictures and would love to share them with you. I´ve also added some shots taken around the island to show you the incredible beauty of Hawaii.


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