Christmas is almost here… After all these years of traveling across Europe in December, I´ve realized an obvious thing – every European city is beautiful in its own way over the holiday season. Especially, when it comes to the big capitals like Paris or Prague. Nevertheless, there were some surprise places I´ve unexpectedly fallen in love with. Places, where Christmas music, arts&crafts, bakeries&decorations all together create a wonderful holiday atmosphere. Therefore, this year I´ve tried to recall all of my favorite “Christmassy” towns in Europe. My personal top 5 Christmas destinations in Europe.

My Top 5 Christmas Destinations in Europe

1. Colmar / France

Back in 2016, I visited Colmar on my way to Strasbourg. Initially, it was not even a part of my Alsace route. So happy I didn’t miss it back then. And even though Strasbourg was quite festive as well, my absolute favorite was definitely Colmar. (Read more…)

2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber / Germany

While Colmar is my first city choice, if I am to pick my no.1 country – and no doubts here, – Germany. This is where you find the best Christmas markets in Europe: Nuremberg, Munich, Dresden, Berlin… German Christmas markets and cities – it´s a topic for a separate post. Nevertheless, Rothenburg ob der Tauber was the most magical one for me.

3. Vienna / Austria

Almost every list of European Christmas destinations starts with Vienna. And as much as I try to avoid the crowds and go for the less touristic cities, Vienna is a must stop. And of course, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Tallin and many other famous capitals look charming over the holiday season. However, Vienna is the city, which had impressed me the most.

4. Lucerne / Switzerland

Lucerne is another “winter wonderland” place I fell in love with. Switzerland is a great country to visit over the winter holidays. Especially the “German side”, where you could find Christmas markets similar to the German ones, but with fewer people and breathtaking natural landscapes around. (Read more…)

5. Cologne / Germany

I never expected this city to make it to my personal top 5. Indeed, I´ve never really considered it as a Christmas destination at all. In fact, I´m still trying to figure out what was it so special about this city: The splendid cathedral, the Rhine river with its magical cruises, 5 fairytale Christmas markets, Gluhwein… Cologne is not as tiny and charming as Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and not as internationally famous as Vienna. And yet it somehow felt like a perfect place to visit for the Christmas holidays.

And what about you? Which are your favorite Christmas/New Year´s Eve destinations?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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