Welcome to Juzcar – the first and only official Smurfs village in the world…

On our way to Algarve (from the Spanish East Coast), we couldn’t miss a chance to visit Juzcar, famous Andalusia´s Blue Smurfs Village. I´ll be honest here: after places like Ronda or Sevilla you might get a feeling there’s not much to do in the area (plus the mountain road towards Juzcar is uncomfortably narrow), but on the other hand – you don´t get to feel like you’re a part of Smurfs cartoon every day, right?! 

The Blue Smurfs Village

Before 2011 Juzcar was one of many typical “white” villages in Andalusia. But after Sony Pictures launched the idea of “The Blue Smurfs Village“, as a part of their promotional campaign for The Smurfs movie, locals decided to take part and painted their traditional “pueblo blanco in bright blue… However, what was initially supposed to be a temporary project, ended up turning into the city´s trademark (Of course, such a fairy-tale transformation boosted tourism in the area, so no wonder locals ended up voting to let it this way).

In fact, these traditional Spanish little villages like Juzcar or Fanzara (Read more…), keep surprising me with their new modern faces. Their recent makeovers only embrace each one´s uniqueness and charisma, while simply adding to the streets a little splash of colors…

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