One post to describe Berlin’s culinary delights would not be enough. The food arena goes far beyond famous pretzels and schnitzel. Due to distinct cultures that coexist in the city, the food options are very vast. Let´s check some of the Best Lunch & Breakfast Places in Berlin!

Foodies – Berlin is your city. With every visit to this vibrant German capital, I try to explore at least one new restaurant, cafe, and bar. For now, let’s talk about cafes only. Here’s the list of some of my most loved places for Lunch & Breakfast in Berlin.

Best Lunch & Breakfast Places in Berlin

Distrikt coffee

Distrikt coffee is probably one of my favorite coffee places ever. I especially indulge into their latte with oat milk, it brings all the best flavors out of coffee. They also serve simple yet exquisite breakfast that will satisfy everyone, from the fans of acai bowls to the fans of egg benedict. As it’s a popular place, you need to be ready that there will be a line, especially on a weekend. However, it usually goes fast and a little wait is worth a delicious breakfast, isn’t it?

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Zeit fur Brot

If you’re craving for a croissant or any other kind of pastry, then Zeit fur Brot is the place to be. It’s not just about the variety of options, it’s about the quality. Even though Berlin has never been the first city that comes to my mind when I think about delicious pastry, Zeit fur Brot has changed that common perception.

Avocado Club

Avocado Club is definitely my kind of club. Every dish here is made with avocado! I don’t know about you, but this is what my dreams are made of. My absolute favorite dish was avocado falafel, oh, it was so delectable that I still think about it sometimes. They also have great drinks like lemonades and smoothies. I can’t wait to be back and try more avocado dishes.

Avocado Club

Brammibal´s Donuts

How about vegan donuts? If you’re a vegan, you might think ‘Hooray’, and if you’re not, then your reaction might be close to ‘Oh no, not this again, please’, but just hear me out. Brammibal’s Donuts found a way to make vegan donuts feel like regular donuts. If I didn’t know in advance, I would have never guessed it. You have to try it for yourself, and considering all the donuts options they have, this won’t be an easy decision, but in any way, you can’t go wrong about it.

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Brammibal´s Donuts

Curry 61

hat is a trip to Berlin without trying currywurst? It’s one of the Berliners’ biggest national points of pride. While there are so many options, and most of them are really good, I don’t think I’ve found my absolute favorite place yet. However, I really enjoyed Curry 61. They serve good old fashioned currywurst at an affordable price. And again, they have vegan and vegetarian options, so no one will feel left out.

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers is a serious competition to Distrikt coffee. However, I decided not to compare these two because I equally enjoyed both. You should stop by Father Carpenter for a breakfast/lunch and coffee, duh. It’s really good. The location of this place adds to its charm, and for some moments you completely forget that you’re in a bustling city.

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

All in all, you can spend years in Berlin discovering its booming food scene, and you’ll never get bored. The new exciting places keep on opening up and the old ones try to be up to date with the food trends.

So what are you waiting for?!

Now that you know some of the best lunch & breakfast places in Berlin, you´re ready to pack your bags and go ahead to get lost in the culinary landscape of Berlin.

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