Happy Friday, dear readers! I´ve just recently got back home from Tenerife. And while I´m putting together a new detailed blog post about this exotic island, I´ve decided to share with you some of the most impressive landscapes from my recent trips to the Canary Islands

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First time I placed the Canary Islands on my travel bucket list was back in 2014 when me and my husband Carlos visited the Big Island of Hawaii. And I know it sounds strange, cause you don´t see any obvious connections between the two places, except for both being the islands. Well.. there is more to the story here: my Spanish husband is always way too patriotic about his country, to the extent that every place we visit across the globe is immediately compared to a similar one in Spain [lol]. And I do give him a credit: Spain is a wonderful country, full of stunning places and landscapes.

Nevertheless, back when we visited the Waipio Valley in Hawaii I felt like this was the most beautiful place I´ve seen in my entire life. And I still think so (despite visiting Iceland, which in terms of natural wonders could hardly be compared to any other place on this planet). So you can imagine, the moment I stepped onto one of the black sand beaches of Hawaii´s Island and started to express how stunning I found it all, a brief comment from my husband ” Every beach on the Canary Islands is volcanic” made me quite mad… [lol]

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So ever since, I was eager to experience the nature of the famous Canary Islands and to give him my opinion on this issue. Especially, including the fact that in my imagination the Canary Islands was always this boring beach destination: now I don´t even know why I thought this way. Probably, because this is how many people I knew spent a vacation there. Don´t get me wrong – I love paradise beaches and don´t mind having a relaxed getaway every once in a while. In fact, we live at the beach and I wouldn´t trade this location for any other (except if I could take out all of the tourists and add some serene silence [lol]) Anyway, when someone is so critical about the most beautiful place you´ve ever seen and compares it to another one – you set high expectations for the second, right?!

Therefore, my relationship with the Canary Islands started from a skeptical though “ok, we´ll see how could it be even close to Hawaii” and ended up with an absolute love for these magical islands.

After visiting Lanzarote and Fuerteventura back in 2015, this summer I was finally able to explore Tenerife. And I should say that this was the island that, in my opinion, had more similarities with Hawaii´s Big Island. Nevertheless, I wouldn´t compare the two places: both have some unique landscapes and as they belong to different countries and cultures – the vibes are also quite different.

So, this year Tenerife has surprised me a lot in terms of its natural wonders. Forests, volcanos, waterfalls, beaches – this island has it all … Here you have some of my favorite landscapes from the Canary Islands: they look completely out of this world, don´t they?!

Amandella Script

Amandella Script

1) Teide National Park / Tenerife2) Anaga Forest / Tenerife3) Playa de la Aguila / Fuerteventura4) Cueva de los Verdes / Lanzarote5) Masca / Tenerife6) Mirador de la Bermeja / Tenerife7) Lago de los Clicos / Lanzarote8) Playa de las Teresitas / Tenerife9) Los Gigantes / Tenerife10) Dunes de Coralejo/ Fuerteventura11) Los Hervideros / Lanzarote

What about you? Have you ever been to the Canary Islands? How have you imagined them?

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