Asturias: 5 experiences you can´t miss

Famous for its stunning natural landscapes and charming fishing villages, Asturias has been on my Travel Bucket List for several years now. And yet, I should admit that before moving to Spain I´ve barely heard of this beautiful region at all. A few nature lovers might be familiar with Picos de Europa National Park, but I can assure you that Asturias has much more to offer. Many call Asturias one of Spain´s best-kept secrets, any ideas why?

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After years of living and traveling around Spain, I could claim with all certainty that Asturias is one of my favorite regions in the whole country… Northern Spain was my biggest surprise over these last years in terms of weather and landscapes. In fact, it is everything but not what the most tourists expect of Spain: rainy, green, cold, windy, montaneous…

The unfriendly weather – is the reason behind this gorgeous green scenery. Yet it is at the same time, something that discomforts many international visitors and immediately redirects them to the never-ending summer of Costa Brava and Costa Blanca. My brief visit to Asturias in July was no exception: out of 3 days, it was raining every single one of them. In fact, the clothes you see on my pictures – I do wear those during a winter season in the Province of Castellon, where we live…

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And yet, if you´re an adventurous nature lover and passionate traveler – Asturias should definitely be on your travel bucket list. There are way too many stunning places and experiences in the province to miss them out.

5 experiences you can´t miss in Asturias

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When all alone…

The best thing you could do in Asturias is to stay in a local family-owned place, somewhere in the countryside, far from the city life and just immerse yourself in nature…

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Let´ s get lost

Check the list of my favorite villages in Asturias here.


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When happiness comes in waves: breath in the ocean

If you´re lucky with the weather, you might even get a chance to swim. Read about some of my favorite beaches in the area here.

Playa de Torimbia

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Explore the region´s history

Despite being famous for its natural wonders, Asturias has several impressive historic sites that will reveal to you more of the region´s history and culture. The Holy Cave of Covadonga, The Collegiate Church and The Roman Bridge (Cangas de Onis) should be your must stops.

Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga Basílica de Santa María la Real de CovadongaRoman Bridge/Cangas de OnisThe Holy Cave of Covadonga 

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Experience the Northen nature

Hiking is possibly the best way to admire the Northen nature: I only list it the last one here, cause in my case, the weather conditions made things complicated. Driving in the mountains with fog, rain, and cows jumping towards our car out of nowhere, made the road to the Covadonga Lakes one of the scariest in my life. And as we only had 3 rainy days in Asturias – none of the hikes I planned initially seemed reasonable. However, if we would have had more time in the region – even a week, we´d definitely find a way to do some trails… Asturias has 9 partial nature reserves, 39 natural monuments, and 9 other protected landscapes: so many hiking trails suitable for all physical conditions and tastes. Check the routes here.

The road to The Lakes of Covadonga

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